Teaching Game Production and Development at USAL

On March 2015 I've started teaching Video Game Design and Development at the third year of the Design and Technology career from the USAL University in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Some of the topics covered were: Game and its definitions, Balancing the experience, rapid prototyping, monetization models, narrative in an interactive medium, game feel, MDA, Video Game Production, etc.

Teaching Rapid Prototyping at Image Campus

Every year since 2015 I teach a one month module of Rapid Prototyping in a Game Design course at Image Campus, one of the most important game development colleges of Argentina

Writing, Blogging & Podcasting

"Third World Game Designer" Blog in Tumblr

In my blog I try to write about the things that happen to me as a game developer. From my trips to the GDC, the failed kickstarter campaign and till why I do games for a living. Go on and follow me over here!

Chapter in Board Game Design Book

"Board Game Design and publishing, From Argentina to the World" is the translated title of the book that has a chapter written by me which is called: "Games and education". There I talk about how games can be used to teach contents and concepts through gameplay mechanics and theme.

"Fichincast" Podcast

Federico (a great friend and game designer) and I did this podcast for a while where we shared our thoughts on game design, the game industry and asked a series of great guests about theirs. You'll find all the episodes here (Spanish only)

Featured on Gamasutra: "Kickstarter, Problem?"

We made a Kickstarter campaign for SkyRider. It failed and then we tried to analyze what happened. In this featured article I expose our conclusions. Read it here (English Only)

Featured on Gamasutra: "Indie in South America"

In this blog post featured by Gamasutra I talk about the struggles of making videogames in South America. Read it here (English Only)

Featured on Gamasutra: "Core, Focus and Power - A game design methodology"

In this blog post featured by Gamasutra I show a glimpse of a game design methodology I'm working on, which is called: 'Core, Focus and Power'. Read it here (English Only)

IGN article: "I Had to Abandon My Game After 4 Years And It Nearly Broke Me

I wrote an article in IGN telling the story of SkyRider, the indie game that I never finished. Its repercusions were huge. You can read it here (English Only)


The Sandbox and it's educational uses

Sebastian Koziner (Lead Artist and Project Leader of The Sandbox) and I gave a talk about the educative potential of our game at GameOn! in Buenos Aires. I talked about the Malone and Lepper's: “Key characteristics of a Learning Game” (1987) and how they apply to our game.

The Sandbox at SIVE

It was held in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires and several educators and developer from various parts of the world assisted to it. I talked about the project I was working on: "The Sandbox EDU".

VG & Marketing Round Table at the MICA 2015

This round table tried to show to the people how different Latin American Video Game developers struggled in search of visibility. Along with other developers like Agustín Cordés (Asylum), Roque Rey and Sebastian Gioseffi (Okhlos) & Tobias Rusjan (Doorways) I told everyone my experience with SkyRider and its marketing efforts, making a Kickstarter campaign, etc. Watch it here (Spanish Only)

Fast Prototyping in Construct2 at Meet The Devs

Nicolás Castez (Avix Games), Blas Ingiulla (The Core) and I gave a fast prototyping talk. I talked about the importance of prototyping new mechanics or ideas in a preproduction phase and iterate heavily on that. I made a really simple version of SkyRider live.

Making SkyRider as an Indie Dev

I went to "La Plata Devs" in order to share my experiences as an indie game developer. 20 min talk filled with content and laughs.

Making a game with the public in 40 min!

This talk was about rapid prototyping using construct 2. The audience and I made a game in 40 min. The theme, story and assets were made by the audience as I encouraged them to participate by throwing candies everywhere. Kind of bizarre but very didactic :).

Game Design Layer by Layer

In this talk I spoke about how as a game designer I developed a way of enhancing communication between game designers and all the other different roles and departments in game development teams.

Game Design talk at EVA

The talk was named: "Core, Focus and Power" and in it I talked about designing around a core element of your game. Then maintain focus on that core within all the features and details of the game. And then give power to some of them in order to stand out and differentiate. During the talk I made 30 of the attendants play "Babel" from Robert Abbott.

Game Design talk at Ludocon

I repeated the talk I presented at EVA named: "Core, Focus and Power" at the Ludocon in Mar Del Plata, Buenos Aires.