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I never stop prototyping both video games and board games. Here You will find a series of interesting protoypes.

My Itch.Io page

Find some of the prototypes I made in my Itch.Io profile:

  • SpaceShip Sarlanga: done within 12 hours in the 2018 Global Game Jam
  • ShuShuSholdier: made in a train. The Train Jam? No! The Argentina Train Jam :)
  • El Coso Ese: made while in the 2017 Global Game Jam.
  • Pre: episode 1 of a Twine game I want to continue soon.
Follow me there and stay tuned for more small games and prototypes!


Soon I'll be posting the 'Print and Play' version of this numeric simple yet complex game.

Escape Room Design

Designed an Escape The Room game for a recruiting event at Globant Latam.



In the folloing days I'll be posting more and more prototypes, sketches and ideas.