Started in 2011 as QA @PixOwl, went quickly as Level Designer of The Sandbox. From then on, my career as a Game Designer and Producer went up. Here is a detail of everything I've made so far.

Released Indie: "Magos & Tabernas"

Independently designed, produced, developed and distributed (only in Argentina for now) "Magos & Tabernas" (which stands for "Mages & Taverns" in spanish) a 3 or 4 players Board Game with fast turns, bluffing, alliances and backstabbing!

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  • My tasks were:

  • . Designed the whole game mechanics

  • . Graphic design and layout for the card art

  • . Product design (general identity, slogan, imaginary, etc)

  • . Game balance, tweaking, user testing

  • . Development of the physical product, distribution, retail

Actual Indie: "SkyRider & the Journey to the AirCitadel"

Independently working with 3 other game devs in SkyRider which is a 2 player couch (or online) co-op Nintendo Switch game. The game is set to be launched in 2019 as a 14,99 game at the Nintendo Switch shop.

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  • My tasks were:

  • . Prototyped the base mechanics in construct 2

  • . Overall Game and Level design

  • . Product design (general identity, imaginary, etc)

  • . Produced good part of the development

  • . Community management (or community building)

Actual: Globant

I'm actually a full time Creative Producer at Globant, working on an AA PC game of...NDA Seal of Silence!


  • My tasks are:

  • . General Game Design, artistic input and lore definitions

  • . Interactions with every department looking forward to make a solid product

  • . Production decisions in order to keep the game's vision

2016: Etermax

Game Designer at etermax for a year and a half (2016/2017).

Worked in 2 shipped mobile titles there: Melody Monsters Voxtale

  • My tasks were:

  • . Design documentation

  • . Technical documentation

  • . Game Feel designer

  • . Analytics and LiveOps

2015: Gameloft

Game Designer / Producer at the Buenos Aires offices of Gameloft. Sadly the Buenos Aires Gameloft office closed almost 6 months after I got there.

I worked doing liveOps of 1 shipped mobile title there: EPIC

  • My tasks were:

  • . Sprint planning preparation

  • . Design input from a production perspective

  • . Task management

2011 - 2014: PixOwl

In 2011 I got my entry job in the industry as a QA at PixOwl a french mobile games company. 2 months after I got a game designer role and a year after I started working as a producer there.

I worked there 3 years in 2 shipped mobile games: The Sandbox The Sandbox EDU

  • My tasks were:

  • . Level & Game Design

  • . Benchmarking

  • . Roadmap definition, sprint planning, backlog grooming, etc.

  • . Business Analyisis to make design and production decisions